Ingrid Wouda Kuipers is Managing Director of Wouda Kuipers Business Consulting & Coaching GmbH. After successfully completing her masters degree in business management, Dutch-born Ingrid Wouda Kuipers worked successfully in the Netherlands and Belgium for 15 years in management positions in the fields of strategy, marketing and sales, communication and public affairs at the market-leading Dutch sugar producer, Suiker Unie, a subsidiary of Royal Cosun.

In addition in 2002 she founded a lobbying association for Dutch sugar beet growers and sugar producers. The Platform Toekomst Suikermarkt (Platform for the future sugarmarket) was very active and successful, proposing an alternative sugar regulation plan, forming coalitions with NGOs, unions and associations of farmers and receiving the full support of the Dutch Parliament. Wouda Kuipers built up a network of politicians and officials in the EU and the Netherlands and ran a successful PR campaign. Parts of the alternative plan were adopted in the new EU Directive.